About Me

Hey everyone and welcome to my page, I’m Reggg (pronounced R+edge) the creator of Real Life Real Estate! I’m an average guy who has been through some not-so-average obstacles in life. I went from being a broke, post-grad to an unexpected Real Estate Investor over night, a night that would change my life forever.
As a person… I am a reader of good books, an eater of good food, a traveler of the world, a watcher of all things sports, and most importantly a schemer of small business, investing, and finance.
As a believer… I aim to walk a different path, one that is considered outside of the norm and one that includes leveraging debt, owning income-producing assets, and living a life that I define as being free.
As a writer and blogger… my goal is to share with you experiences, stories, thoughts, opinions and many other things that are related to Real Estate and Personal Investing. I have a passion for this and I am excited to share it with you all!

If you enjoy what you see please share my page and check out my Social Media 🙂 If you don’t enjoy it then thanks for at least giving me a shot and cheers.