5 Reasons Why I Quit My Job And So Should You

When I tell people that I left my career in the Financial Services Industry they often give me a strange look and say something like “Oh…wow…really? So what do you do now?” and I simply tell them that I’m going full-time in Real Estate. This warrants an even stranger stare.

People tend to associate certain fields such as Finance, Health, Law Practice, etc. as a “good” career choice and it is by most measures.

They hear Financial Advisor or Lawyer and they assume you’re living well and have great job security with a bright future ahead. What they don’t consider is how happy you are at work. What they don’t consider is how you personally feel about the position you’re in and the road that position is going to take you down. Will it fulfill your personal goals? Will it create the type of life you always imagined? Will you wake up in 5 years and say, “Where did it all go wrong?” or will you wake up in 5 years with a smile on your face and say, “That was the best decision I ever made.” I prefer the latter.

The 5 Reasons Why I Left My Job:

1. Age

As it stands today, the average age to get married is 28. Women are most likely to have their first child in their early 30’s. The quick point I’m making is that you’re likely to have a lot of life responsibility thrown at you when you begin to reach 30. Add that on top of your personal life and your professional life…a career change becomes very difficult when stability is needed.

I’m 25, unmarried with no kids. Now is the time.

2. Proven Career

Albeit an early career…I’ve still shown myself to be a hard worker, a smart worker, and an asset to any team I work with. I know this, my co-workers know this and my previous managers know this.

I’m convinced that if you bring a hardworking, can-do, always striving for more attitude…you will succeed anywhere you go…the industry does not matter.

3. Achieve Your Goals

Everyone should have personal goals. You should have short-term goals for today, mid-term goals for this year and long-term goals for 5 years out. Know what you want, where you want to be and make your decisions based with these answers in mind. Me personally, I want to run and own a business by 30. Will working in the Operations Department at an Asset Management Company get me there? Possibly, but very likely not. Will working full-time under a Property Manager while I’m managing my own 4-family house get me closer to owning a company? I like to think so.

Set the end game and make sure you’re taking the necessary steps TODAY to reach it.

4. Don’t Get Pigeonholed

You spent 4 years (maybe more) on education. You created a focused skill set for yourself by working at the same company for 5 years. Then, all of a sudden you are let go because your company is downsizing. What are your options at that point? Your company used ABC Software but every job posting is looking for XYZ experience. They don’t want to hire you at a Senior level because they can get a young Associate for much less pay. You want to start a new career but now you have no experience in that field either. This makes the job hunt increasingly difficult.

I’m obtaining my Real Estate Salesperson License, I am working full-time under a professional Property Management company, and I am renovating/managing my own property. I worked 3+ years in Financial Services.

I am adding value to myself by learning different roles.

5. Life Is Too Short

What sounds like a better life story? A kid who went to public school, graduated and worked a desk job for the next 30-40 years…living a life that so many before him and after him will live. The typical 9-5 life that has become so cliche….or a kid who went to public school, graduated, took a risk….took a chance…and left a steady job to pursue a dream to one day own a business. At least attempting to live a different life and to go down a different road. The answer seems pretty clear to me.

Take the chance now because you’ll only regret it when it’s too late…











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