Super Bowl Squares – Over $50 in Gift Card Giveaways….FREE to join

I know what you’re thinking…this is too easy. WRONG. I’ll be giving away over $50 in gift cards with Super Bowl Squares. Not sure what Super Bowl Squares are? Ok, now you should.

Here is how you can earn up to 2 free squares as a part of my Social Media Promotion.

Facebook (Earns you One Square):

  • Share my page

Instagram (Earns you One Square):

  • Follow my account
    • New followers only
    • Current followers, see Side Notes

Both accounts are also found on the side bar or at the bottom of the page 😉

Side Notes:

  • Current IG followers will need to Share the FB page
  • This will then be done on a first come first serve basis
    • Once the 100 squares are filled, no more names will be taken
  • Once confirmed, you will be randomly added to the Super Bowl Square Grid.

Stay tuned for the gift card details, the announcement of the numbers and more!

Cheers and spread the word!

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